About Alex Goot

Alex is a one man band from Poughkeepsie, New York.  Alex began messing around on the piano at age 5 when his parents bought a piano. He started to get serious about piano by the age of 12.  Alex performed his first gig when he was only 15 years old.  He began recording music in 2004 at the age of 16.  Alex soon gained quite a following after posting his songs on his MySpace website.  In early 2010, Alex began posting videos of his covers of popular modern pop songs, and occasionally videos of his original songs . His popularity has continued to soar each time he posts a new video.  Today, his videos have been watched over 30 million times, and is now considered one of the top cover artists on YouTube.

About Us

Please note that this website is produced by Alex Goot fans for Alex Goot fans.  This is not the official Alex Goot website.  Alex created an official website at gootmusic.com, and he also has website pages on YouTube, Facebook, MySpace, PureVolume, FormSpring, Last.fm, Tumblr, Twitter, and possibly more.  We decided to create this website to offer a central place for fans to discuss and learn everything they ever wanted to know about the amazingly talented musician, Alex Goot.


78 Responses to About

  1. nils postma

    dude i need pretty eyes or rolling in the deep without your voice before tomorrow becouse i have to sing in front of class for school!!!
    can you please help!
    nils postma from holland!

  2. Manisha

    ah how I wish I was a one man bandd. Alex is one talenteddd guy <3 Forget bieber fever it's all about the goottastic vibeee <3

  3. Theresa Rauch

    Oh, i love alex goot. 😀 what’s his age? Is he 23? When he was 16 years old 2004, he’s 23 years old now? Or? Ooooor?

    Please help!
    Love, theresa from Austria (:

    • Huu

      He is 23 now. He turned 23 at the end of March I believe.

    • Millie spencer

      Your right he is twenty three possibly now nearly twenty four as soon it will be 2012

      • #1 Alex Goot Fan

        You’re right! He is only 23! Amazing.

  4. tabi

    omg i love alex goot but he should do tours in britan 🙂 <3 <3 xxxx

  5. Agus

    Alex goot your are awesome 🙂
    Im from Argentina and I really like your songs.
    Have you ever had a singing lesson?
    I want to know your answer.
    Thanks for all, keep going.

  6. Chris

    I love your song Pretty Eyes! Would you consider giving us your chords or tabs so we can reply to your videos with covers?

  7. Annika

    I really want Alex to sing “Chasing Cars” (Snow Patrol).. it’s my favourite song since i heard it for the first time <3
    His voice would make the song even much better 🙂

    Greets, Annika from Germany

    • Alex Bradford

      He has before, just for fun though xD

  8. Tina

    Oh my god !!!

    I really really Love him so much ! He’s a fantastic singer and his voice is so amazing, I wish I could marry him 🙁 <33

  9. violimeo

    Hey Alex,
    although this might really sound crazy: you and your songs are really helping me in the hardest times I ever had. I’m a quite successful violine-playing, agricultural intersted german pilot. My life has always been with music and I can’t image times without it. In all your songs I realize you also won’t like to be without those sounds. Just wonna say you’re doing a really great job. I hope I can arrange my life like you arranged all those songs…in my ears really all better than the original ones! Awesome! Have a great time and continue and never give up your talent!
    Kindest regards and best wishes from good old Bavaria,

    P.S.: Your songs really console me! Thanks!

  10. Carrot

    Hi! I’m Julie and I’m from Poland. I really like Alex’s music. I’ll play the piano and guitars like he. Alex, you’re amazing!

  11. Adams437

    Hey guys!!!I really like Alex’s music.He has an amazing voice,and he play many instruments.
    (please go to http://www.tiffanyalvord.com/)

  12. Ed cerny

    a great voice, needs a great personal song writer, that is al that is lacking

  13. Ed cerny

    another thought , audition for Glee , seriously

  14. Rudy

    I have a question, does Alex have any siblings?
    Help, please & thank you (:

  15. emily

    My sister showed me Alex Goot and i fell in love <3 I;m alex goot's # 1 fan and always will be (:

  16. esra

    Maybe one day , you can come to TURKEY Alex.
    Love From TURKEY. <23

    • I don’t think so… :-/

      • gelmiyecek turkiyede cok az insanlar biliyorlar zaten gelselerde az para alacaklar (bosh ish gelmeleri)

  17. jinny

    You are so amazing Alex. You hv fantastic voice also your friend.
    I’m from Thailand.
    there are many big fans of you here!
    hope u visit us here someday
    Thanks for make my day with your song 🙂

  18. Moonshoes Potter


  19. Destiny

    wow…. the people who are posting messages to Alex Goot did not read what was up above. it always amazes me how ppl manage to nvr read whats above or if they did, they don’t understand a single thing they read.

  20. Michael

    Which piano do you have ?
    Ilove all of your songs!!

  21. Tibor Farkas

    Congartulate you Alex. I found you just today but you are a very fantastic musican. You know I’m already 50’n but your music have been touched me and I like your songs. Thanks a lot!
    *Tibor from Hungary

  22. wolyarang

    Hey Alex, we really really love to see you perform in Asia. Would you consider having a concert in Manila, Philippines? Please do come over! 🙂

    • Shannon Kim

      I also wish that too! (cause I live in the philippines)

  23. Alex Bradford

    Goot!!!! its been waayy too long since i’ve heard his music. god how i wish i could hang with him again and sing some Andy Grammer. just like back in 2009.

  24. Beth

    Just wondering.. is he single? 😀

  25. Shannon Kim

    He is already 24…

  26. Céline

    isn’t he turning 25 on the 15 of March?
    OMGs I can’t even!
    Am I the only one who loves this little smile when he sings?

  27. nadhira

    I loveee you Alex Goot ! I hope someday u’ll come to Indonesia <3

  28. poulintc

    You are amazing Alex Goot!
    The first time I heard you I fell in love you and your music already!!
    Love from the Philippines! <3

  29. Wendy Raman

    Dear Alex,
    I saw you preform live in Sacramento, because My daughter adores you. Now i do too. I am 52. You are an amazing artist with great dedication and enthusiam. I pray that you continue on forever with amazing grace…

  30. Johnny Smith

    What did he practice on to get so good at the piano?

  31. subscribed ;]

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  68. Alvpaw

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  69. Aidon

    Hi. This is Aidon from China. Big fan of your work.
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    With love.

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