Alex Goot – Geo

Can you see, through the eyes of a dreamer.
Does your mind, know the world how it is.
When you sleep, do you dream in numbers.
Write it down, make a plan, check your list.

Chorus :
For the longest time, I believed you were right.
I would live my life, with a logical mind.
When I reach my goals, I dont wanna be stuck.
I’m thinking about success and what it’s supposed to be next.
I’d love to learn what I should do, to be as happy as you.

Oh yeahhhhh.

Do you love, what you do. Does it satisfy you ?
I need my peace, in my mind, but it seems so hard
(seems so hard) to find.



And I never will forget what you have said, ’cause you know best.
And the flesh that you have given me, I will never second guess.

Ohhh noooooo.
Ohh Nooooo.

Ohh Ohhhhh.



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