Alex Goot Search Terms

It is amazing how many people continue to visit the website despite the lack of updates. I often find the search terms people use to find this website interesting.

Here are the top 15 search terms:

  1. alex goot
  2. alex goot age
  3. how old is alex goot?
  4. alex goot birthday
  5. when was alex goot born
  6. alex goot birth date
  7. alex goot glasses
  8. alex goot height
  9. how tall is alex goot
  10. alex goot cd
  11. alex goot unlisted videos
  12. alex goot gear
  13. alex goot instruments
  14. alex goot original songs
  15. alex goot date of birth

It seems like more people are internet stalking Alex than searching for his music videos, LOL.

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