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  1. SianyBoo22

    Heeey Alex, I think your amazing and Im a BIG fan!

    Have you been discoverd yet? Hopefully you have/will bee

    Love You! If you have Twitter, please follow me, @MissSianGrace


  2. hcang

    i <3 you…
    your voice comforts me..
    thanks alex…<3 u so much…

  3. i LOVE rolling in the deep

  4. Nani

    Heeey alex!
    A friend of mine showed me your channel on youtube! OMG.
    you’re very talented… I listened ‘Fireflies’ and ‘Born This Way’ and I was amazed! How the cover can be much better than the original one?
    I really enjoy your covers and I liked the music “Sensitivity” too. It’s pretty good… Keep it up!

  5. Alexandra Esteves

    I think that you are one of those rare things that happen once in a lifetime. To tell you the truth i found you out of the blue browsing videos in youtube and honestly you happen to be a favorite among my lineups. Have you considered entering the Americas got talent, youtube challenge? I think you are by far the most talented person i’ve seen and listened to in a very loooooong time. I honestly think you should, trust me we will vote you in without hesitation.
    God keep blessing you in many ways and let you become a legend in your own. Best regards and keep it up. We’re here for you.

  6. You are really talented Alex. We need a fresh musician like you at times like this. What separates you from the rest of cover artists is that from the song production to the video to your interesting vocals to your unspoken charisma to your Rubik’s Cube shirt – they’re all original, you’ve made it you’re own, and for that you’re going to be remembered. I really love everything you do with the music and every single time it just keeps getting better.

  7. Hi Alex,
    fantastic interpretation of all these songs, which are now better than before.
    Greetings from Austria – not Australia ; )

  8. Mary

    I love his voice! its nothing ive never heard before and it draws you into him. Hes truly Fascinating annd talented.

  9. Renata

    Alex, I just came to say that I LOVE YOUR MUSICS !!
    I’m Brazilian and I promisse that I will be in one of your shows, this or next year =)
    ps: you’re so cute.. I’d love give you a hug hahaha.
    Follow me on twitter: @re_rgr
    love u, Renata xxxx

  10. Derrick Belone

    Your Music is AMESOME!
    Your voice is like a mixture of “Fergie & Jesus” -step brothers! haha
    Alex your are an inspiration, im Native American (Navajo) and from New Mexico but, currently attending college in Washington. Everytime i get homesick i playback your songs or when im doing homework. So, thank you for your amazing talent and your love for music. Good Luck in your future decisions, i hope i get to meet you one day man.
    Have A Goot Day! 😀

  11. OMG!!!! VERY ADORABLE!! <3

  12. Mariah Calubag

    You’re deifnitely one of the best! I always listen to your songs on replay to make me feel better when I need it! You’re an inspiration! I hope you make it to the top and wish you much success! Thanks for making music, I am a BIG fan! If you have a twitter, please follow me @MariahFrannie. I love you!

  13. Lee Meyers

    Really enjoyed your music. I shared two of your videos on Facebook. You have inspired me to try even harder learning to play my guitar!!
    I like your choice of songs and who you perform with.
    Keep up the good work. Take care.

  14. Winahyu

    hi alex. I’m your fan from Indonesia. I love your voice. You have a very nice voice 🙂

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