Alex Goot’s full length album of original songs



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5 Responses to Alex Goot’s full length album of original songs

  1. 佳宜

    well…i’m from Taiwan… my English isn’t good enough ….
    i don’t know how i could be buying Alex’s full-length album of original songs that is being released this Spring?…..

  2. prettyeyes12

    I love you alex! i will definetely buy your album
    p.s. please love me back

  3. Hannah

    Hey Alex. A friend from Germany showed me you just yesterday. And since then, I can’t stop listening to your music. I love music. Music is my passion, my life, and it just speaks to me. You have a very talented voice. Oh, and my birthday is only 2 days after yours. Haha. 🙂

    • Hannah

      Oh, and I’m from Nebraska in the US.

  4. Mandy

    I love you Alex! 🙂

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