Alex Goot’s Instruments

Here is a list of instruments that Alex can play as seen in his YouTube videos. Please let us know if we are forgetting any.  What other instruments would you like to see Alex play in his videos?!?!

1) Electric Guitar
2) Acoustic guitar
3) Bass
4) Drums
5) Electronic Drums
6) Piano
7) Keyboard
9) Xylophone
10) Cajon
11) Tambourine
12) File Cabinet



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13 Responses to Alex Goot’s Instruments

  1. Enoch

    Hey, Alex you really give me a lot of inspiration to make covers, and I think that you should do a cover of the artist D’Angelo and the song lady buy him..I think you’ll like this song and that you would do it better than most people. Thanks

  2. Hey, Alex, I love your covers and you give me alot of inspiration to do covers as well, I would really like to see you do a cover of the artist D’Angelo and the song Lady by him, I think you would do it better than him. Thanks and good luck!!

  3. Millie spencer

    you forgot maracas and the kettle oh and a rattle thing that looks like apple .

  4. Alex Wakeham

    Hey, you play amazing music and also a set of keys and a box thing 😀

  5. jenna

    he also plays the heart very well x

  6. Heidi

    Hey Alex, i would like to know what kind of cajon are you using on this videos. I would like to buy one and i wonder what should i think about when i buy a cajon.

    You are amazing 🙂

  7. Bridget

    OMG haha, you said “file cabinet!” hahaha

  8. joanna marie

    Hello… just wanna say that i do, so, admire Him so much.. and He really had a lovely voice especially on his version of Everytime We Touch by Cascada. Hope to meet u in person. 🙂

  9. Sid

    What is the electronic instrument Alex plays in the “Give Your Heart a Break” Demi Lovato video?

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  11. amy

    in the music video of his cover for the song “It Girl” he uses a sampler pad

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  13. shiney

    What is the instrument Alex plays in photograph by nickel back?

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