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If you want to email Alex, you can send him an email at:


Please note that Alex gets hundreds of emails each day, and he can’t respond to every one.  He does really appreciate all the support everyone gives him. Alex would love to email every single person back, but he simply doesn’t have time.  If he took the time to message every single person back, we wouldn’t have time to record more videos and write more songs for his fans.

You can use the form below to contact us regarding any technical issues with the website or to report any inappropriate or offensive comments by users.  Also, please contact us if you have any suggests for improvement to the Alex Goot Fan Website.

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One Response to Contact Us

  1. nils postma

    do you have rolling in the deep or pretty eyes without your voice? becouse i have to sing a song in front of class! and it would be awesome if i could sing one of your songs but i have to have it before tommorrow!
    now my suggestion was that you make some of your songs voiceless so other people can sing your songs and mayby post in on youtube or something
    nils postma from holland!

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