Happy Birthday Alex Goot!

Alex Goot turns 24 today (March 15th).  Be sure to wish him a Happy Birthday!!!



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5 Responses to Happy Birthday Alex Goot!

  1. emily

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALEX GOOT!<3 omg i feel so bad for being late!!!!!!!!!!!!! ):

  2. Hey Alenxander G Gut!!!! I have been a fan of yours ever since the beginning. You are my inspiration and idol in life. You deserve the utmost success and respect from all artists signed and independent out there. I’ll love you always and will be your #1 fan forever <3 Hope you're birthday was great

    With love,
    Kerensa Fowler 🙂 <33

  3. Carrot

    Alex Goot if you read it you must know: i really into your music. Say “hay” to Chad, Dave and Boyce Avenue.

    Grettings from Poland
    Julia “Carrot” Dymek 🙂

  4. Llamas

    i LOVE u GOOT!!! happy birthday, future and past!

  5. sevde

    Happy birthday to you dear Alex …=) :* 😀

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