How Old is Alex Goot?

Alex Goot was born on March 15, 1988. He is currently 24 years old. It’s amazing how many people are searching for Alex’s age on search engines or asking on YouTube. How old do you think he looks?!?!?

In other news, the Alex Goot tour is now underway!!! The Alex Goot Photos section is pretty bare, so feel free to add your own pictures when you see him on tour. You’ll need a Flickr account in order to add photos to the Photo section.

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24 Responses to How Old is Alex Goot?

  1. Samantha

    When I first saw Alex I thought he was my age, 18. He’s good looking! <3

    •…. idont know :} LOL >3

    • alex goot I love you :} LOL >3
      my names Sheyenne madison

  2. marie

    First time my bro saw him, he thought he was 15. Even tho my bro’s the same age. Sometimes Alex looks REALLY young-when he’s clean shaven- but he never looks older than 24.

    • Shannon Kim

      Me too. I thought he is 15. (I’m 15.)

  3. Jen

    I definitely thought he was 18…

  4. Ashlyn

    He’s cute no matter how old he is 😉 <3

  5. esra

    I was surprised. In my opinion he is 17 maybe 😀

    • I am 12th yersd old :} LOL >3

  6. Neomi

    it staRTed when I saw my cousiN’s pOst of aLex’s video cover in facebOOk..I was sTUnned by His vOice and cuTIe LooKz..thInkin’ it was inaPPropriaTe for soMeONe at my aGe admired hIm as sUch leaDs me tO surF and seaRch His My sUrprise we were at same month & saMe year of birth….ahahaha..nOw becaMe his aVid Fan..^.^

  7. Lilly

    I thought Alex was about 25. <3 🙂

    • i agree

  8. Su

    same as me! glad to hear

  9. Naomi

    I thought he was about 20-24, so I was righT! hehe anyway he’s hot

  10. Derrick Belone

    i thought he was 19-20..

  11. Shannon Kim

    I thought he is just in High school. HE IS SUPER HANDSOME.

  12. Nobody NeedsTo Know

    Hey Alex. You saved my life. I was about 13 when I started to cut myself. I had decided about when I was 16 I would kill myself. I am 17 now. I was about to leave this world a month ago. My sister showed me your music and I decided to live for you. I would just like to thank you Alex. I’m so gratful you make music or I would’ve left this world. You are my savior.

    ~Alex Goot’s #1 Fan

    • Allycat

      I’m glad you are better. Just remember, you’re perfect in your own way 🙂
      I thought he was 21.

  13. Christina

  14. Joshua

    I thought he was 28..

  15. :} LOL >3


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