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The photos above are from the shared flickr group alexgoot. If you have a flickr account, please join the group and share your best Alex Goot pictures! It can be anything Goot related – whether it’s a picture you took of him in concert, artwork you made, you wearing Goot merchandise, or even a picture of your baby in front of the TV watching Alex Goot YouTube videos. If you don’t have a Flickr account yet, you can sign up by clicking on the banner below:

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9 Responses to Photos

  1. i love your glasses

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  3. Derrick Belone

    haha, that hair! made me lmbo..
    Alex you have such amazing talent and i have you on replay!
    Goot Music= Goot Stuff..

  4. Andika

    Hello Alex.. I like of your Style… 🙂

  5. joanna marie

    Hey Alex, straight to the point, I am fallin’ in love with you because i am so fascinated in your looks, in your cute curly hair, on your fitted shirts and especially in your VOICE. 😀

  6. Mahmoud hosny

    i love u alex <3 ^_^
    I am your lovers of the largest in Egypt..
    Is it possible to become friends…. 🙂

  7. Christian

    Im a big fan of yours Alex! 🙂 Sadly I have’nt attended your tour here in the Philippines. I hope that I could be a talented person like you.

  8. Aidon

    Hey there Alex.
    Now that I’ve seen your pictures, I’m not only addicted to your voice– which I believe is one of a kind, but also in love with your cute looks. And you’re so talented! Though I don’t know the first thing about playing music, you are, with doubt, my favorite singer ever.
    I’m Aidon, a 16-year-old fan of yours in Beijing. Your songs make my day, thank you. Wish I could know more about you.

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